For Families

Packed with things to do, make, learn, and read, the illustrated Kinship Activity Pack is designed for families with primary school aged children (suitable for ages 3+).

Become an art critic, an artist and a storyteller through this new illustrated guide, which is full of exciting things to do, make and explore. Designed for families with primary school age children (suitable for ages 3+), the pack includes a range of activities which can be used to explore the artworks across the city, in the galleries or from home.

The Kinship Activity Pack can also be downloaded as a PDF file to print at home or pick up a physical copy, which includes a family map of all sites, and collect all the different sections from our Liverpool Biennial venues once they open in Spring.

The Kinship Activity Pack will be avaiable to pick up from our festival venues when they open in late May (Government COVID guidelines dependant)