Luo Jr-shin

Luo Jr-shin (b. 1984, Miaoli, Taiwan) lives and works in Taipei. Luo’s practice revolves around the experimentation of a variety of traditional and unconventional materials. Ranging from clay, resin, metal and everyday objects to food, chemicals and scent, he investigates the underlying spirituality and human condition in our representational world. Interested in the framework and modes of production from which our cognitive experiences arise, Luo is known for capturing and amplifying the absurdity within precarious, illusionary, and sometimes delusionary moments of everyday life. Recent exhibitions include National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (2020); MoCA Taipei, Taipei (2019); ACC, Gwangju (2017); Times Museum, Guangzhou (2017); and Queens Museum, New York (2013).